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Trump keeps talking about the threat of illegal immigration and says nothing about ‘American’ companies that don’t invest in America . They keep their money offshore and manufacturing overseas and are only concerned with profit . Solving illegal immigration is not going to bridge the ever widening gap between the working class and wall st.(and their record profits). I hear the passion in Bernie Sanders voice when he talks about corporate greed and the dwindling middle class. He says what he means and he means what he says, unlike Hillary who almost never gives a straight answer. He offers real solutions that sound a lot more promising than building walls.  The lack of vision in the average american is embarrassing ! A healthy middle class has to be created and  nurtured by actually caring about your country. Not by creating artificial wars to feed the industrial military machine. ‘And by the way ‘our military is the strongest and most advanced in the world so stop exaggerating . America will be strong when it stops being the policeman of the world and instead creates mutually beneficial relationships with  its own citizens and the other countries of the world. Yes even ‘evil’ Iran .