Evolution is an Intelligent Plan

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(Humans) are transitional beings. (They) are not final. The step from (human to superhuman) is the next approaching achievement in the earth’s evolution. It is inevitable because it is at once the intention of the inner spirit and the logic of Nature’s process. — Sri Aurobindo There is neither evolution nor destiny; only Being. — Albert Einstein The Maasai peoples’ creation myth involves the god Nigai first sending down his cows to inhabit the earth, and later sending down the Maasai people to care for and herd the animals, and also to depend on the cows’ blood and milk for sustenance. Our Maasai friend told me that there was no time in the past when cows and humans were without each other on Earth. He insists that there are no old stories about a time when the cows were not present in the same form they take today. I became curious and tried to find out the archeological idea of when and where the first cows and humans appeared in Africa. The supposed cow progenitor is called the Auroch and the oldest evidence of their existence comes from India about 2 million years ago. The Auroch migrated to Europe and Africa about 270,000 years ago and formed new subspecies. It is estimated that early human family members inhabited Africa 6 or 7 million years ago. It seems like humans have been around many millions of years before cows! The historical evidence is from various dating techniques and fossil evidence, but in both cases – the Aurochs and the humans of 2-7 million years ago did not look like humans and cows do today – they have definitely changed! In the Maasai myth both humans and cows arrive in their present form and remain unchanged to this day. In the conversation between evolution and creation both sides see the other as absurd. Our Maasai friend could not understand any other possibility than the myth he grew up with and believed in. Even more, it seemed that he could not even frame the question for consideration. From my side, it is difficult to believe that humans and cows arrived together and remain unchanged to this day. In Samkhya philosophy the word parinama is used to describe the evolving universe. The Dashavatara, the 10 principle avatars of Vishnu, could symbolize sequential evolutionary progression of fish, turtle, boar, the man-lion, and the dwarf, (the rest are human.) In the Ramayana we find ape-like species with human intelligence, the Varanas. Our expanding universe seems to indicate a moment of creation – called the Big Bang. Could both ideas be true i.e. that there was a creation moment, and an integral aspect of that ongoing creation is evolution? A new paradigm called “intelligent design” describes evolution as a very orderly and directed sequence of change issuing from intelligence, rather than a series of fortunate or unfortunate random events within an environment that lead to changes in organisms. This idea tries to incorporate both the god of the creationists and the observations of an evolutionist. There are those who believe that the next evolution of human consciousness will be to transfer our consciousness out of the physical body and into computers that are immortal. We already see body and brain parts being replaced with computer-operated spares....

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The longhaired one carries within (her)self fire and poison and both heaven and earth. To look at (her) is like seeing heavenly brightness in its fullness. (She) is said to be light itself… Being the wind’s horse, the Vayu’s companion and god-inspired, the sage is at home in both oceans, the eastern and the western… Wandering in the track of celestial beings and sylvan beasts, the longhaired one, knowing their aspiration, is a sweet and most uplifting friend… – Rg Veda 10.136 The Longhaired Sage This reference to a wild longhaired sage is thought to be the first ode to the yogi of Vedic times. This hermit is dirty and naked, flying through the sky, living in harmony with the natural world and completely outside of human culture. She is truly a wild child. Yogis stepped outside their culture and reclaimed their wildness a very, very long time ago. When asked to describe “wildness” most people would use negative terms like: “out of control,” “unrefined,” “unruly,” or “self centered.” Wild things are untamed and deemed not useful to most human beings. A wild horse is not useful until tamed, trained, saddled, and bridled, (or turned into horse burgers). A field of wildflowers is not useful until it is fenced, tilled, fertilized, mono-cropped, sprayed, harvested, and hoarded. A wild rushing stream is not useful until it is dammed, piped, bottled, electrified, and stagnated. Wild equals “not valuable,” while tame equals “valuable.” Nature only plays a minor role in providing the raw ingredients to satisfy human desires and greed. But our greed is insatiable and the raw ingredients are running out. The wild ones are seen as pests and targets for killers. Humans view themselves as the ones who distill the value out of the forests, soil, water, oil and gas, as well as fish, whales, dolphins, horses, elephants, bears, tigers, lions, squirrels, rabbits, and all the other living creatures of the earth. Instead of celebrating life with other living creatures, we are auditing their demise, and probably our own. Human beings are destroying the seed of wildness in themselves that gives life its rasa – its special taste. In a rush to destroy ecosystems and diversity, humans happily rush to an Armageddon of blandness. The yogi feels a part of the world and all of creation. For the yogi, the definition of wild is free, creative, robust, and meditative, in community with all of nature. This feeling is part of our original state that is corrupted by a culture that sees the world as exploitable. In the ancient Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh we learn of a natural creature named Enkidu who suckled at the breasts of the animals and grazed with them in the meadows. Hunters discover Enkidu as he helped the animals escape their traps. The stories about this wild one who could speak to all creatures intrigued the King Gilgamesh, who proceeds to seduce, hire, educate and befriend Enkidu. It is a sad story of how each of us lost our connection to nature and the natural world. Our own wildness is a lost treasure that must be recovered at all costs. When Enkidu dies Gilgamesh recites this elegy to the natural human: Enkidu, . . . your mother is a gazelle, and . . . your father...

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Spirit Guides

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Salutations to Sri Guru who shows the right path to one whose mind is deluded by attachment and thus confused in the forest of Samsara. – Sri Guru Gita I.41 Guru is Shiva, Guru is God. Guru is the relative of all embodied beings. Guru is the Self. Guru is Jiva. There is nothing other than the Guru. – Sri Guru Gita II.85 Universal consciousness focused through Spirit can appear in our lives offering guidance and council. Guru is the Spirit Guide of the universe. This guide speaks to us through various forms and tongues. There are many Spirit Guides in your life now, and the future will be filled with many more. Spirit Guides are many, but they speak the truth with one voice. Obstacles in your life path are easily overcome because you are blessed with the council of exulted souls. We could call it a guardian angel or mentor, and it could take any form – a person, a sprite, a cloud, a cat, or a tree. The Spirit Guide chooses you. You cannot demand their attention. Instead, you must become irresistible to them. There are only three things required to become attractive to the Spirit Guides. First, you must believe in Spirit as an aspect of the Creator. Secondly, you must be able to understand the advice of Spirit. If your Spirit Guide is not a human you may need to be able to understand the touch, smell, gesture, color and sounds that other animals communicate with. Finally, you must desire to meet your Spirit Guide very much. It is not possible for Spirit to act directly in the world. Spirit can only act indirectly through the influence they exert in the lives of living beings. It is only through physical bodies that the spiritual work of the universe can be sustained and supported. The Spirit Guide is always a benevolent, detached consciousness that radiates Love or invokes fear as needed. Your Spirit Guide will be with you throughout life. They reflect your own inner spiritual self. You can have more than one, and new Spirit Guides can show up at any time. Sometimes the Spirit Guide is called a Life Guide. There are three other types of guides. The Messenger Guide appears in a flash and disappears just as fast – once the message has been delivered to you. The Shadow Guide can return again and again, filling you with fear in order to teach a lesson. The Journey Guide appears at a fork in the road of life to offer their advice. Animal Spirit Guides come into our lives at various times as any one of the guides mentioned above. Visualization is an especially potent tool for meeting a Spirit Guide. When we visualize ourselves in the realm of the Spirit Guide, it is possible that we will meet a guide. If you have discovered your Animal Spirit Guide you can nurture the relationship by wearing images of your totem, study pictures and educate yourself about them, visit their habitat, and do what you can to preserve their homeland. In each case the Animal Spirit Guide embodies the ideal characteristics of their form. The bear, for example, is Ursa Major in the night sky, the spirit keeper of the West, friend of both...

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Going to the dog run ‘the magnificent seven’

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Going to the dog run with six dogs can be daunting to say the least. I have six retractable leashes that I hold in each hand like a puppet master while the seven of us roll down the street. Inevitably some idiot will stop me and ask ‘are those all yours?’ I’ll look at them annoyingly and say ‘I’m all theirs’.  Ha Ha Ha     Are you fucking kidding me fool! When I finally get to the run I can only look forward to picking up all the dog shit left by  the irresponsible dog owners of which there are many. Penny, Stevie, Jonas and sometimes Malcolm like to eat other dogs shit so I’m doomed to walk around and clean up after everyone else. Yes, I have to pick up my dogs shit as well. Needless to say it makes me despise  the human race more than I already do. You really can tell a lot about the state of the union by going to the dog...

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SEPTEMBER, 2015 Life After Life; Reincarnation and Yoga

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Samskara-saksat-karanat-purva-jati-jnanam. By bringing unconscious drives into conscious light one knows the existence of previous lives. Yoga Sutras III:18 Upon dissolution of the body, the Self principle does not perish. The body is a manifestation of Self principle. The knowledge one has acquired and the character one has gained will accompany one into future lives. Higher future life depends on higher karmas of past and present. Birth and death merely mean union of individual self with a new organism and separation from the old organism. –Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati ‘Your everlasting soul has appeared and reappeared in different lives, bodies, and times. The Atman is the name for the soul in Sanskrit. It is the subtle or etheric body that resides within the physical body. It has moved through thousands of bodies, places, and times – even on other planets than Earth, and in other bodies than human. It is your True identity and it is immortal.’ Excerpt  from September Focus  by  David...

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Peace Mantra

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Greg Stillson for president!

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Trump keeps talking about the threat of illegal immigration and says nothing about ‘American’ companies that don’t invest in America . They keep their money offshore and manufacturing overseas and are only concerned with profit . Solving illegal immigration is not going to bridge the ever widening gap between the working class and wall st.(and their record profits). I hear the passion in Bernie Sanders voice when he talks about corporate greed and the dwindling middle class. He says what he means and he means what he says, unlike Hillary who almost never gives a straight answer. He offers real solutions that sound a lot more promising than building walls.  The lack of vision in the average american is embarrassing ! A healthy middle class has to be created and  nurtured by actually caring about your country. Not by creating artificial wars to feed the industrial military machine. ‘And by the way ‘our military is the strongest and most advanced in the world so stop exaggerating . America will be strong when it stops being the policeman of the world and instead creates mutually beneficial relationships with  its own citizens and the other countries of the world. Yes even ‘evil’ Iran...

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It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

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Sometimes the meaning is conveyed more in the way you say it, than what you say! Happy Friday.

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The Nadam

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NAMAH SIVAYA GURAVE NADA-BINDU-KALATMANE NIRANJANA-PADAM YATI NITYAM YATRA PARAYANAH Salutations to the nadam, which is the inner guide and the inner life, the dispenser of happiness to all! It is the inner guru appearing as nada, bindu, and kala. One who is devoted to the inner guru, the nada, the inner music, obtains the highest bliss. Hatha yoga Pradipika IV-1

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