Q: What is Yoga?

A: Yoga: means union, it comes from Sanskrit yuj meaning to yoke.
The realization of the oneness of the universe, “the state where you are missing nothing” (Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati).

Q: What is karma?

A: Karma, from the Sanskrit root kr, means action. Karma is any action: thought, word, or deed. Karma is certain. Karma expands - whatever you do will come back on you. What goes around comes around.

Q: What are the Chakras?

A: Chakra means wheel. The Chakras represent levels of consciousness.  
The seven most notable Chakras are:
Muladhara (the root place) related asana-standing poses. Karmic relationships- Mother Earth, nature, parents, job, home, money, boss, workplace.

Swadhishthana (her favorite standing place) related asana- forward bends. Karmic relationships- creative, artistic, romantic, and sexual partners.

Manipura (jewel in the city) related asana- twists. Karmic relationship- others you have hurt.

Anahata (unstruck) related asana- backbends. Karmic relationship- others who have hurt you.

Vishuddha (poison removing) related asana- shoulder stand, plough, and fish. Karmic relationship- yourself.

Ajna (command center) related asana- child’s pose. Karmic relationship- Teachers

Sahasrara (thousand-peddled lotus) related asana- headstand. Karmic relationship- the divine or higher self.

Q: What are the yoga sutras?

A: Scriptural source for the philosophical and practical system of yoga compiled by Sage Patanjali.   

Q: How should I dress while practicing Asana (yoga)?

A: Comfortable clothing (preferably yoga clothes). Dress in loose fitting attire that will allow you to move freely through the postures.

Why do we chant Om at the beginning of every yoga class, and what does it mean?

OM is the essential sound. The sound symbol for God. OM is the vibrational essence of all creation. OM is larger than any definition,the sound itself carries the teaching. All sounds begin with OM! Chanting OM helps us to over come the preferential mind!

What does "Vinyasa" mean?

"Vi" means order, "Nayasa" means conscious placement. " Vinyasya" means a joining or linking mechanism: for example , a linking of conscious breathing and intention when you practice a sequence of Asanas (postures).

What is Prana?

In Sanskrit ,Pra means moving and Na means always. Prana means life force, vitality.

What is Mula Bhandha?

In Sanskrit , Mula means root. Bhandha means lock. On a physical level , Mula Bandha is a contraction of the floor of the pelvis.

What is Ujjayi breath ?

Ujjayi means victorious. This is the breath we use when we practice asana (postures).: see qualified teacher for instruction.

Is Yoga a religion?

No. Yoga is a school of practical philosophy. The Yoga practice will enhance anything you do in life!

Can I eat food or drink water before I practice ? Can I Drink water during the practice?

It's recommended to wait at least 2 hours after eating before practicing. Drinking water during practice reverses the upward flow of "prana" the life force and is not recommended.